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Congreve Clocks

Here are the best deals we found for Congreve Brass Rolling Ball Clock Kit-READY TO ASSEMBLE for sale on the Internet. The Congreve clock is a timepiece which was invented by Sir William Congreve in the year 1808. You found the "congreve clock" at Shopping. com UK A black, sleek and stylish electronic weatherstation that projects the time to any wall or ceiling. We find the most interesting Antique Clocks. Here are the best deals we found for Congreve Rolling Ball Clock With Carved Wooden Base, LK for sale on the Internet. Sir William Congreve invented a new type of rolling ball clock, early in the 19th century.

Congreve Clocks

  • He was granted a patent for the design in 1808.
  • In the Congreve Rolling Ball Clock, the passage of time is indeed counted by a ball bearing running along a predefined path.
  • A circa 1972 (dated), English, Thwaites & Reed, copy of the famous Sir Wm. Congreve rolling ball clock.
  • Here is one of those clocks you just never see for sale, and when you do, it is an extremely high priced clock.
  • Astrolabe, GPS Clock and Congreve Clock Styles Add a new style of clock to your home or office space from our collection of unique clock designs.
  • Congreve Rolling Ball Clock With Marquetry Designed Base: Item Number #: 3q2/06 : Item Price: $1499.

More information about Congreve Clocks on the site: http://www.sinaiantiques.org.uk

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