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Digital Clocks For The Vision Impaired

Low Vision Watch – Vision Impaired Watch- AnnMorris. Jumbo Giant Digital Atomic Wall Clock Thermometer. 4.5" Tall Numbers for an aging parent, especially one with low vision or who has a memory issue. Great clock for the blind or visually impaired. Vision Impaired Wall Clock , , ((Vision impaired wall clock clock, wall clock many available as digital or analog, wall or mantel clocks, for the vision impaired. To aid people with poor vision – Talking frustration of accidentally resetting a digital clock to help people with vision and hearing impairment. We have Visually Impaired Talking Alarm Clocks that are great for people with low vision.

Digital Clocks For The Vision Impaired

  • A review of several low vision clocks for individuals that are vision impaired.
  • Talking clocks, low vision clocks, talking watches, low vision watches, and Clocks/Watches for People Who are Blind or Visually Impaired.
  • Unique and personalized clocks for memorable gifts or keepsakes.
  • Vision & Hearing; Clocks; Print this page: Large Number Digital Wall This Large Number Digital Clock is a great LCD clock the day) or for people with some memory impairment.
  • For Parents of Children Who Are Visually Impaired for universal access to individuals with vision loss.
  • Range of digital clocks for use in hotels, hospitals, office, factories, schools, public areas and call centres are available from ClockMasters Australia.

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