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Schmeckenbecher Clocks

You found the "schmeckenbecher clocks" at Shopping. com This custom made personalized children's wall clock features a cartoon monkey design on a white background. I think "Schmeckenbecher" is/was the name of a company that made the´╗┐ clock. Emil Schmeckenbecher was a clock manufacturer of many Cuckoo clocks. He made the housing, and the clock mechanisms were made by Regula. Schmeckenbecher wall clock made in Germany for parts or repair. 208/3612-17 SCHMECKENBECHER PENDULUM CLOCK.

Schmeckenbecher Clocks

  • Schmeckenbecher Cuckoo Parts Papers and Research , find free PDF download from the 00 each Escape Wheels-Regula Brass cuckoo wheels with steel cut pinions.
  • Hello, Please bear with me, I have searched the archives and could not find the answer to this question.
  • Question I have a pendulum SCHMECKENBECHER wall clock in which the pendulum spring has broken.
  • Working on a 40's cuckoo clock and ran into a setup that i am not familiar with.
  • Its I understand your terms and your problem.
  • This Schatz 400 day clock with square dial is dated 2 53 (February 1953) on the back of the movement.

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