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Self Winding Clocks

Repair and restoration of vintage alarm, cuckoo, mantle, electric, and self winding clocks. Turn antique slave dials into functioning clocks and Synchronize Western Union and Self Winding clocks to the hour. American Clocks Volume 2 with a special section of Self Winding clocks – Ly, T. D. – First Published 1991; 2nd Edition in 1995. I have just been taken in a "Self Winding Clock Co. Inc. New York" clock to determine if it is repairable. Our Favorite Self Winding American Clock Company of Chicago Clock. Here we have a Self -Winding Clock Co. Western Union Clock. You can Guess that he had quite a bit of experience with the Self-Winding Clock and had acquired a love for working with them.

Self Winding Clocks

  • Large metal cased Self Winding Clock Company clock.
  • These were found in school and factory settings.
  • The Self Winding Clock company was a manufacturer (actually a movement retrofitting group) of clocks from 1886 until about 1970.
  • This class was taught by Mary Bess Grisham and assisted by Jimmy Busby.
  • Pictured are (back row) John Sparks, Jimmy Busby, George Tilbury and Bob Cockrum.
  • A circa 1898, Self Winding Clock Co., New York, Model #29, with style "A" rotary wind movement.

More information about Self Winding Clocks on the site: http://telechron.org

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