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Visually Impaired Large Display Clocks

TALKING TIME ALARM CLOCK BLIND / VISUALLY IMPAIRED: Amazon. co.uk alarm, choice of three alarm sounds, large & easy to read display. Our extra loud alarm clocks, talking alarm clocks, vibrating clocks and other timekeepers are perfect for the vision or hearing impaired. The clock radio features a large LCD display with large, black, easy to see numbers against its white face, this is a great clock for the blind or visually impaired. Large Display Wall Clocks – LSSProducts. com. Browse our selection of large number, easy to read Wall Clocks for the visually impaired. The visually impaired function successfully when has easy-to-read display, multiple alarms, and a 12-volt bed shaker.

Visually Impaired Large Display Clocks

  • MICRONTA JUMBO LED DIGITAL ALARM CLOCK (MODEL 63-766) Large display digital clock for visually impaired.
  • Careerconnect virtual worksites > office worksite for low vision users > large display wall clock center meets its core mission of serving blind and visually impaired.
  • The ideal alarm clock for the hard of hearing or the visually impaired.
  • Products For The Visually Impaired; Safety In The Home Large digital display.
  • Large Display Alarm Clocks and Wall Clocks are Ideal for the Visually Impaired or for When You Need to See the Time from a Long Distance.
  • This Java clock shows the date and time in all 24 time zones simultaneously.

More information about Visually Impaired Large Display Clocks on the site: http://www.amazinghealth.co.uk

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